Let’s contribute to the promotion of IPv6

This is the time when IPv4 meets its shortage. For a quite long time, Yanghua Team had been using IPv4 only server to provide our online service. That’s because most of our service provider do only have IPv4 available for us.

However, more and more our customers are starting to pay attention to IPv6 networks. Some of them even have IPv6 only network environment, Education Network, for example. They may counter difficult situation to visit these websites.

To come up with a better way to solve this problem, Yanghua Team has used Cloudflare service. Cloudflare has global CDN service, and its nodes support IPv6 connections. Users now can easily access our websites by IPv6 forward, even though source server do not own any IPv6 address.

A week later, we are happy to see that there are more and more visitors getting the chance to access our online websites.

In addition, our online service team is considering link original IPv6 address to our basic server. This may take up some time because our server group has a lot of servers running in different providers.


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